Upcoming Retreats

Awareness Retreat

24/04/2024 – 28/04/2024

In today’s world, you’re bombarded with endless nutrition advice and images of “perfect” bodies on social media. And this can make you feel burned out, frustrated, and tired of trying…

The constant focus on appearance and the flood of diet and weight-loss information can distort your relationship with food and your body.

With this Retreat, I will help you break free from these pressures, nurture self-love, and reclaim food freedom.

This 5-day transformational experience is designed for you to heal through self-love, food & movement (yoga&surf).

You will establish healthy, sustainable habits and begin your journey towards self-love.

The focus of this retreat is to get into a deep state of relaxation and in addition to that,  plant self-healing seeds that will navigate through your self-healing process and give you a roadmap to work with.

And last, but not least, SURFING and YOGA. Enjoy the fun and empowering movements these two sports make you go through, become one with the ocean, and have a great time!

Check Paula’s instagram for more information!

Expedition Colibri

13/05/2024 – 20/05/2024

This retreat offers a balance of relaxation, playfulness, creativity and inner work. Our aim is to help you discover the natural connection between nature and your true self, enabling you to embrace your most authentic self.

The whispers of the earth will remind you of your natural connection to the world. In this serene setting, you can let go of everyday worries and let your playful and creative side flourish. The peace of the island, the volcano’s energy, the wild forest and the raw authenticity of the sea will help you be your true self without societal pressures.

You’ll feel like an artist with the world as your canvas, exploring and expressing yourself. In this space of fun and reflection, you’ll truly live in the present, embracing the wisdom of “be here now”.

The retreat is packed with daily yoga and meditation practices, private sound healing sessions, nature hikes, sea adventures, creative workshops, an ecstatic dance and much more! 

Prana experience retreat

25/06/2024 – 28/06/2024

A journey to & with your life-energy The Prana-Experience combines breathwork and meditation. Through these two life-enriching practices you can not only clear your mind, connect body and mind, calm body and mind, but also get your prana flowing, directing you to where you need it most and enhancing it so you do not burn out, get depressed or suffer from anxieties and ailments. You don’t need to suffer from one of the above mentioned crises to feel and experience the benefit of being able to control your life-energy. Even if you feel great, strong and happy, prana-control helps you to keep going on like that and detect any imbalances right when they come up. Through the „Prana-Experience“ you will be able to combine your very own practices and work on the sublest imbalances coming up in your body and mind. You will be and feel healthy and clear, more energetic and also be able to calm down when you need it most and enjoy every aspect in your life.