What is the best place to stay in Tenerife? Vineyard Eladío, nestled in the mountains of Tenerife South, located between the two charming villages of Charco del Pino and Granadilla de Abona. Where the sun is always shining and the altitude of the mountains keeps it cool during the night. Charco del Pino is just down the road, where you can find a supermarket for your daily needs, and a couple of cafes where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage and tapas after a long day’s surf.

Granadilla de Abona

In Granadilla de Abona you will find the little church of San Antonio de Padua and some traditional restaurants, cafes, shops for essentials, and a farmers market on a Thursday. And don’t forget to taste the freshly made churros and chocolate in the local churrería!

The island

Tenerife is like a treasure box, an island of endless opportunities that never stops surprising you. The Teide volcano created the beautiful nature of this island; the moon- like landscape, natural swimming pools, rock formations, forests and a lot more. The island’s main attraction is its climate: with sun all year round, there is never a better time do discover the variety of beaches that make this island so unique.


Our natural surroundings offer great opportunities for all kinds of outdoor activities such as climbing, hiking, surfing, windsurfing and diving; as well as plenty of cultural activities thanks to the island’s opera, abundance of museums, and centres of historical importance. The adventure never stops in Tenerife – and by connecting people from all over the globe, we hope to add a sense of kindred with our spiritual community to give the island a magical touch.