Upcoming Retreats

Expedition Colibrí

07/01/2024 – 13/01/2024

This retreat offers a balance of relaxation, playfulness, creativity, and inner work. Our aim is to help you discover the natural connection between nature and your true self, enabling you to embrace your most authentic self. The week will be packed with activities and workshops, including yoga, meditation, sound healing, hiking in nature, dancing freely, sea floating, creativity unlocking sessions, natural shampoo making, and more. Rediscover your carefree, creative self, and live in the moment, leaving worries behind!

Reconnect Retreat

20/02/2024 – 26/02/2024

To open our senses to all the elements we will be linking them through different activities. We will hike deep into the forest and get in touch with the earth, surf at sunrise to bond with the ocean, go far into the air while climbing, and a new moon ritual will help us to connect deeply with our dreams. On the 5th and final day, we will turn the connection we have with nature inward to reconnect with ourselves, with our hearts. The cacao ceremony will open our hearts, and peak in the ecstatic dance where we will celebrate life altogether.

Prana experience retreat

25/06/2024 – 28/06/2024

A journey to & with your life-energy The Prana-Experience combines breathwork and meditation. Through these two life-enriching practices you can not only clear your mind, connect body and mind, calm body and mind, but also get your prana flowing, directing you to where you need it most and enhancing it so you do not burn out, get depressed or suffer from anxieties and ailments. You don’t need to suffer from one of the above mentioned crises to feel and experience the benefit of being able to control your life-energy. Even if you feel great, strong and happy, prana-control helps you to keep going on like that and detect any imbalances right when they come up. Through the „Prana-Experience“ you will be able to combine your very own practices and work on the sublest imbalances coming up in your body and mind. You will be and feel healthy and clear, more energetic and also be able to calm down when you need it most and enjoy every aspect in your life.